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Financing a business is more than just securing finances

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2023 | Business Formation & Planning |

Starting a business often requires a significant infusion of capital. Because of this, most of the business efforts at the start of planning and operations often focus on securing finances. But while the bulk of work may fall into this aspect, financing a business goes beyond just obtaining funds. You should not take the legal and compliance elements associated with the process for granted.

Choosing the right financing option

You have various options for financing your business. You can take out loans, venture capital or crowdfunding. However, each avenue has its legal implications.

For instance, taking out a loan means signing a legal contract with a financial institution. You must ensure you understand the terms, interest rates and repayment schedules before you sign anything. Compliance with the terms of the loan agreement is not just a good business practice; it is legally binding.

Regulatory compliance

Depending on your industry, you may need licenses, permits or certifications as required by local, state and federal regulations. If you fail to meet these requirements, you may face fines or a possible business closure. So, while securing finances may be a priority for you, allot some time or at least appoint a staff to research and ensure full compliance of your business from the outset.

Equity financing and investor relations

One common way to obtain funds is through equity financing. However, if you choose equity financing through investors, do not forget that you are entering into agreements with them.

You will need to understand the legal framework governing these agreements because it outlines your investors’ roles, ownership stakes and rights. You would want to maintain transparency and fulfill your obligations towards them. Doing so will not only build trust but it can also help you avoid legal disputes down the road.

Intellectual property protection

Securing intellectual property rights is one of the most overlooked aspects of starting a business, which is crucial in today’s business landscape. IP includes patents, trademarks and copyrights that safeguard your unique ideas and products from infringement.

If you ignore these legal aspects, you may never know what may happen. One of your ideas may make it so big that a competitor may use your idea for their benefit. Or you may end up unknowingly infringing someone else’s IP, which can lead to costly litigation.

You can ask for help if you need

Again, financing a business is not just about securing funds; it is a journey through a legal and compliance maze. It would help to seek legal counsel before jumping into anything, may it be a big or small business decision. By being well-informed and proactive in addressing these legal and compliance elements, you can set your business up for success while minimizing potential pitfalls.


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