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4 common mistakes that make estate plans less effective

You may have many reasons for choosing to create an estate plan. Among those reasons may be your family and your desire to make the process of closing your estate as simple as possible for them. Of course, if you do not correctly create a plan or make it comprehensive, your family could still face struggles.

Tips for making it through a DUI traffic stop

During a relaxing dinner with friends or family, you may have a couple of drinks with your meal. When you head home, you believe that you can safely drive and may not feel intoxicated. However, on your way home, you see flashing lights in your rear view mirror and begin to wonder whether you made the right decision to drive.

Can a homeowner refuse to complete a home sale?

When a homeowner goes to the trouble of putting a house up for sale, you probably expect that he or she is serious about making the sale. After all, putting your house on the market means making needed repairs and cosmetic upgrades, hiring a real estate agent and enduring the tedious process of opening your house to prospective buyers.

Did you know you don't have to take field sobriety tests?

Flashing lights and noisy sirens behind you often cause a great deal of anxiety. What did you do? Why did the officer stop you? You may begin to take mental inventory of the last few miles to figure it out. When the officer approaches and begins talking to you, you may be surprised to find out that he or she suspects you of drunk driving.

The exorbitant costs of construction defects

Building a new home in Michigan is an exciting time, until you learn that there are hidden problems. Construction defects can be financial pitfalls for homeowners, but you may not have to bear this financial burden on your own. In fact, it is possible that the construction company or subcontractors could be liable for major problems with the house. 

How can a pour-over will help protect assets?

At this point in your life, you may feel that the time has come to create your estate plan. Taking this step can provide many benefits to yourself and to your family. If you hope to use your estate plan to protect your assets, you may find yourself considering a trust-based plan. This planning tool can allow you to separate your property from your estate in order to keep it from going through probate as well as reap other possible benefits.

What you need to know about Michigan's complex DUI laws

If you are facing charges of drunk driving in Michigan, you may not be sure what to expect or what penalties could eventually affect your life. The penalty system for drugged and drunk driving is complex, and it is helpful to know what you are up against in order to better fight the charges against you.

Your estate plan should also protect your small business

If you own and operate a successful small business, you know how hard it is to simply maintain daily operations and turn a profit. In the daily grind of running your business, you may not have time to think about the future, but it is worthwhile to do so. It is prudent to not only protect yourself and your family with a solid estate plan, but also your Michigan small business as well.

Do you hope to protect your assets for future generations?

As you get closer to your golden years, you may have a better idea of what type of estate you may leave behind after your death. As a pragmatic and caring person, you may understand that planning ahead when it comes to the handling of your estate could make your passing easier on your family. When you feel the need to start planning or to update an already existing plan, you may wonder how to best protect the assets you have accumulated and will accumulate.

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