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Michigan business: The art of writing contracts

Anyone in Michigan or elsewhere who has gone into business for him or herself knows that there is a certain art to making it all work. Rarely do things just fall into place. Serious thought, consideration and discipline is required, the absence of which can lead to significant consequences. This is particularly true when writing business contracts.

What type of contracts might be utilized by business owners?

Experienced business owners know that having the right contracts can significantly help their companies. For the owners of start up businesses, however, the utilization of contracts may seem somewhat overwhelming. There simply are numerous types of contracts available, so it may be difficult for business owners in Michigan and elsewhere to know which are really necessary.

Michigan employment contracts: what is at-will status?

Some businesses, in Michigan and across the country, choose to hire employees under at-will conditions. Terms of employment, including stipulations such as this, may be spelled out specifically in employment contracts, or included in employee handbooks. What exactly is an at-will employee, and is hiring under this condition good for business?

Think about background checks before signing employment contracts

The desire to protects one's business is something all company owners in Michigan and across the country have. Background checks are used by many business owners before employment contracts are signed to ensure that those who apply for the jobs they are offering meet company standards. While taking this step may be a given for owners of larger businesses, for owners of smaller businesses, background checks may be an afterthought.

Non-compete agreements, good or bad for business?

Business owners often rely on employee contracts in order to protect their business. There is nothing wrong with this practice. These contracts set certain obligations employers are to keep to their employees and vice versa. One type of contract often used, though, is being questioned by some as to whether or not it is good or bad for businesses and employees in Michigan and elsewhere. The contracts in question are known as non-compete agreements.

Have written and implied contracts that protect your company

Company employment contracts come in many forms. The two most commonly used, though, are those that are written and those that are implied. Michigan business owners can help protect themselves and their company by having contracts that legally protect the best interests of their business.

Construction law disputes in Michigan

Whether you are a property owner or a commercial contractor, a construction dispute may lead to significant financial losses for you. Homeowners and commercial property owners who only later discover a construction or design defect may be left facing thousands of dollars in damages, especially if the defect led to leaks, water damage, mold growth or foundation issues. For contractors, a construction dispute may mean a loss of expected income from a job for which a contract is in place.

Breach of contract disputes

When two individuals or companies in Michigan enter into a contract, each party is legally obligated to fulfill the promises that were laid out in the agreement. A party who does not perform could be found to have breached the contract. This can occur when a party does not fulfill its end of the deal at all or fails to perform on time or in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Handling breach of contract in Michigan

After a sales contract is signed and money or other consideration changes hands, that contract becomes a binding legal document. Failure to live up to the terms of the contract could constitute a breach. A material breach of a contract occurs when the main promise of the contract is not delivered. When a material breach occurs, it may be possible for the buyer to take the seller to court to seek relief.

Statutes of limitations affect dispute claims

Like all states, Michigan has strict rules regarding when a lawsuit for a breach of contract claim must be filed. If this time frame passes without a formal complaint being filed, the petitioning party may forever be barred from bringing the claim.

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