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Super DUI in Michigan: Why you need a strong defense

The consequences for drunk driving in Michigan are steep, and those convicted of this crime could find themselves facing time behind bars or expensive fines. For drivers convicted of super DUI, which comes with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .17 or higher, the consequences are even more severe. It is always wise to know your defense options, but if you are facing a super DUI charge, your future and your freedom are certainly at risk.

A sobering look at the consequences of a DUI conviction

Maybe it hit you while police were taking your fingerprints that you could have caused an accident that night. Driving after drinking is dangerous - everybody knows that - but you didn't think you had that much to drink. Maybe you'd driven home before in worse condition and made it home without incident.

Drunk driving: How can you defend against charges?

When you face charges for drunk driving, you may find yourself at a genuine loss as to how this situation came about. Unfortunately, this type of predicament befalls numerous individuals every day. However, after having charges leveled against you, you have legal options for defending against the allegations in a court of law.

Aspects of drunk driving stops can impact defense strategies

Operating a vehicle on Michigan's roadways means that you are agreeing to remain in compliance with state laws. One of these laws is that you won't drive after consuming alcohol if your driving abilities are impaired. Generally, this means that you don't have a blood-alcohol concentration that is at or above .08 percent. People who are in violation of the laws can face criminal charges.

Drunk driving laws in Michigan: Minors and alcohol

Substance abuse on its own can be a dangerous condition, and when it's combined with driving, it can be lethal. When a person drinks, he or she endangers him or herself and others. If he or she causes an accident, he or she and others involved could suffer serious injuries or death.

With drunk driving deaths rising, ignition interlock law sought

Twenty-eight percent. That's how much the number of drunk driving fatalities increased from 2014 to 2015 in Michigan. The numbers were recently released by the Office of Highway Safety Planning. There were 303 people killed in 2015 and 236 in 2014.

Some people might have to use an ignition interlock

Alcohol-related offenses are some very serious offenses in Michigan. For people who are considered repeat offenders, the use of an ignition interlock on their vehicles might be necessary. These laws place a hard stance on drivers who insist on driving drunk while they have a suspended license or revoked license.

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