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A loved one died without a will, what next?

If you recently lost a loved one who did not have an estate plan in place, you may feel that the logistical aspects of settling their estate are an additional stressor in addition to the grief and sense of loss that you are experiencing. It's important that you reach out to others for emotional and practical support during this time.

Coronavirus should make you consider estate planning

The impact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) has had on the world cannot be denied. People all over the world are in quarantine, travel has been restricted and many major events -- such as all NFL and NHL games or the March Madness tournament -- have been canceled or suspended.

Choosing the right trust for your circumstances

Trusts are a very common estate planning choice for those who have significant assets. This is true for several reasons, but most notably, it is because holding assets within a trust enables the assets to skip the probate process at the end of the estate planner's lifetime.

What are the disadvantages of not making a will?

Making a will and planning your estate effectively takes time and effort. Many people avoid engaging in the practice of planning their estate because they do not want to spend too much time thinking about the inevitability of death. The prospect of death is a morbid topic, but planning your estate does not need to be. In fact, planning your estate can be an uplifting activity because you can plan how your assets will benefit others in the future.

Considerations for an heir with special needs

You have a child with special needs. You provide support and assistance right now, but you are very conscious of the fact that your child will need extra help when you pass away. You're considering leaving them the bulk of your money in your will, knowing your other children will understand.

Wealth protection strategies should influence your estate plan

When starting to think about estate planning, you will likely come to realize the importance of wealth protection. When wealth is not protected strategically, it can become subject to high tax rates at the end of your lifetime. Additionally, assets can be vulnerable to losses if poor financial decisions are made regarding other assets.

Important steps when developing your estate plan

Wealth management professionals advise their high-net worth (HNW) clients to take some important steps when developing their estate plans to help ensure a seamless transition of their wealth to their heirs and beneficiaries. However, these steps are wise for just about anyone, even if your estate isn't in the millions of dollars.

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