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The southeastern Michigan attorneys at Sheehan & Associates, P.L.C. focus their criminal defense practice on the following areas:

OWI/drunk driving/super DUI — Having a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher will lead to an arrest for drunk driving or operating while intoxicated (OWI). More severe penalties exist for a .17 BAC, considered a super DUI. Our job is to investigate all aspects of the initial stop and the procedures followed to ensure protection of your rights.

An immediate plea of guilty not only ignores your rights, but also denies you the representation you deserve from a seasoned criminal defense lawyer at our firm. Contact us at 248-218-1473 or toll free at 877-600-7891.

License revocation and restoration — We handle all aspects of an OWI or super DUI charge. In addition to representing you in criminal court, we also handle the administrative aspects of your case that involve the possible loss of your driver’s license. Our attorneys also provide diligent advocacy in having licenses restored.

Minor in possession (MIP) — An arrest for minor in possession of drugs or alcohol does not mean that your child will be found guilty. An immediate admission of guilt can have negative consequences for a minor. A criminal record could impact a future career or the opportunity to attend college. Attending to the issues immediately could prevent future problems from occurring.

White collar crimes — While not violent in nature, a conviction of a white collar crime can carry severe consequences. Professionals will take great measures to preserve their career or business. During an investigation or following an arrest, our attorneys can provide personalized and aggressive representation when so much is at stake.

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