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Effective Defense Against Marijuana And Other Drug Charges

Marijuana possession is one of the most commonly charged drug crimes in the United States. While some view it as a minor offense, the truth is a conviction on this kind of charge can have far-reaching consequences. If you have been charged with possession of marijuana in the Detroit area, the best thing to do is get advice from an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

The team at Sheehan & Associates has more than 40 years of combined experience handling criminal defense cases, including drug crime accusations. We understand the complex Michigan laws on marijuana and medical marijuana. We will fully investigate your case and work to build the strongest possible defense.

Do not wait to get legal help if you have been charged with a marijuana crime. Call our Detroit marijuana charge attorneys at 248-218-1473 or toll free 877-600-7891. You can also contact our law firm online.

We Explore All Possible Defenses To Marijuana Charges

Even if this is your first time charged with marijuana possession, a conviction could lead to a heavy fine, the loss of your driver’s license and possible jail time. You would also have a criminal record. To prevent these harsh consequences, our Detroit marijuana lawyers explore the defense that may be available in your case, such as:

  • Did you have a valid medical marijuana card that gave you permission to possess the drug?
  • If you were stopped while driving, was the traffic stop legal?
  • Did police have a valid reason to search the vehicle?

Are You Approved For Medical Marijuana?

Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act allows people with qualifying medical conditions to purchase and possess medical marijuana for treatment of their condition. Those with medical marijuana cards and who do not have a primary caregiver are also allowed to grow their own small quantity of marijuana for their treatment.

Even with this law in effect, it is common for police to arrest people who are legally in possession of marijuana. There is still confusion in the courts and among prosecutors about how much marijuana is legal to possess. Therefore, if you have a medical marijuana card but have still been charged with a crime, reach out to the criminal defense team at Sheehan & Associates. We can help you understand what you are facing, and we will fight to protect your rights.

Contact A Michigan Drug Charges Lawyer

If you have been charged with a marijuana crime in Southeast Michigan or near Newport Beach, California, please call 248-218-1473 or toll free 877-600-7891. You can also contact us online. We can meet with you in jail if you are incarcerated.