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The end of a marriage can be one of the most difficult experiences anyone must endure. The uncertainties about where you will live, where your children will live and how you will move forward can keep you up at night. If you are contemplating divorce or your spouse has already filed, get help from an experienced Michigan attorney.

At Sheehan & Associates, we guide clients in southeastern Michigan through the divorce process as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Our Detroit family law attorneys have nearly 40 years of combined experience in this area of law, and understand how to set up parents and children for a healthy life after divorce. We are comfortable resolving divorce issues out of court through mediation, and equally comfortable fighting for our clients’ rights in court whenever necessary.

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Full-Service Divorce Representation In The Detroit Area

We are dedicated to our clients, which means we take the time to learn about their families, learn what is important to them and understand how we can help achieve their goals. We pay attention to the details, which is critical to success. Our family law attorneys handle all aspects of divorce and separation in Michigan, including:

We address every issue relevant to a client’s divorce. That means we handle everything from taxation issues to debt allocation to helping families decide who will be responsible for a child’s health insurance. Our services are truly comprehensive and designed to help parents and children move on into bright futures.

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