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What happens to your family mementos when you die?

If you're like most people, you have a lifetime's worth of personal and family mementos in your home. Unless you have a specific plan for these most precious of items, however, your executor may be at a loss when it comes to handling them.

Consider a pet trust for your companion animals

Many people love the companionship of their pets -- especially in their golden years. However, there's always a chance that you will outlive your pet. If that happens, the people in your life may be unwilling or unable to care for the animal -- even if they agreed to previously.

Black Americans need to invest more in estate planning

A huge part of estate planning is making sure that you pass on your family's wealth through the generations. That allows it to build and helps your descendants prosper. However, many black Americans don't feel like they have the type of wealth that needs a will to pass on -- or they simply don't think about the need for a will and other end-of-life documents.

Aretha Franklin's handwritten will creates chaos for estate

When the music icon Aretha Franklin died, her heirs thought she had done so intestate -- or without a will to guide the disposition of her estate. Given the size and value of her assets, that created a difficult situation but the four sons she left behind agreed to put things in the care of a capable administrator.

Mistakes you need to avoid when writing your will

You already know that getting your will together is really important in order to protect your family's future -- but it's also important not to rush yourself through the process once you've begun. If you rush, you're far too apt to make some serious mistakes.

'Adulting' in modern times: Get your digital estate plan in order

Part of being a grown-up is attending to a lot of unpleasant -- but necessary -- tasks. That includes getting your estate plans ready and making a will, designating your executor and heirs, establishing powers of attorney for medical care and finances and maybe even thinking about setting up a trust.

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