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Is it or isn't it sexual harassment?

There are many forms of harassment that may occur in the workplace, all of which should be taken seriously by employers and employees. It is unfortunate that numerous people feel there is little they can do beyond reporting such behavior to superiors. The truth is, anyone who is or has been continually harassed at work can take legal action against employers if, after reporting such incidents, steps are not taken to end the inappropriate behaviors. Harassment of a sexual nature can range from, what some would consider, relatively minor incidents to more extreme actions. The focus of this week's post will be to discuss how sexual harassment is defined, and what an employee, whether in Michigan or elsewhere, can do if he or she has been subjected to such conduct.

Actions that might be considered retaliatory

Many Michigan workers feel as though they have been treated unfairly by their bosses. In some cases, these individuals wish to take legal action against their employers. Whether this should be done, however, depends on many factors. Litigation is far from simple, so when faced with lawsuits, employers should keep the following guidelines in consideration.

Women claiming workplace sexual harassment

Michigan employees may wonder about their options in cases of work-related sexual harassment. Two women who were fired for their complaints about such conditions are fighting back by way of a lawsuit. The 24-year-old and 34-year-old women filed the suit in Vermont in December 2014.

Understanding what constitutes sexual harassment in Michigan

Sexual discrimination at work occurs when any employment decision is made based on a person's gender, such as a denial of promotion. Employers who discriminate against transgender individuals are also committing sexual discrimination. These laws also apply to job applicants as well as those connected to outside groups who may be associated primarily with one gender.

Michigan business sued for alleged 'prank' by supervisor

Along with the many rewarding aspects of being a Michigan business owner come numerous challenges. Among these is potential liability for the actions of your supervisory personnel. A Taylor company, Interstate Battery System, is facing a lawsuit for an alleged "prank" that one of its supervisors played on a 24-year-old employee.

Michigan manufacturer prevails in constructive discharge lawsuit

Last week we discussed a wrongful discharge lawsuit that was filed in Wayne County. In that case, a county employee claimed he was let go from his job as a photographer because of employer retaliation. A judge disagreed, however, and dismissed the lawsuit.

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