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Before you decide to contest a will: What should you know?

Deaths and wills have a way of really tearing families apart -- especially if there were some long-brewing disputes among members -- more than one person involved may wish to contest a will over issues both great and small.

Is a trust the right way to protect your family?

Estate planning is a necessary step for every individual who wishes to ensure that he or she retains control over what happens to his or her property, real estate and wealth after death. For many, it is possible to secure this type of protection in the terms of an appropriately drafted will. However, many people may find that in order to protect their financial interests and those of their Michigan families, they need something more than just a will.

Prince: No will means artist's intentions now disregarded

The sudden death of music icon Prince in 2016 left many people in shock. What surprised those who knew him best even more, however, was that the man who had so zealously guarded his intellectual property during his lifetime died without a will.

What kind of estate planning questions do lawyers ask?

This is a great question and one which estate planning attorneys are not often asked. People often do not realize that a lawyer tasked with helping create an estate plan will have many questions. Hopefully, this blog post will help you and other residents of Detroit become well-prepared for the estate planning process by knowing what to expect.

Is a Living Will Right for Your Family?

Thinking about the end of your life - and what comes after - is never easy. It's also a difficult topic to broach with those that you love the most. However, it is one of the most important conversations that you can have. Communicating your needs and desires for your end of life care as well as your wishes for after your death provides your family with the confidence they need in order to make those important decisions when the time comes. While a conversation is a great place to start, it's not legally binding. An experienced attorney at an estate planning law firm can help you create a living will, as this is an effective way to express your desires as well as a legally binding document that will ensure your wishes are met.

Parents often shoot down children's attempts to discuss an estate

As parents age, children may decide they need to sit down and have a talk about the parents' estate. They may be interested in what they are going to get for an inheritance and what responsibilities are going to come along with it. While children may have to work up the nerve to have this talk, what they often find is that the parents aren't interested in talking at all. They shut the conversation down.

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