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What aspects of my finances can bankruptcy fix?

Bankruptcy can be a great solution for those who are drowning under ever-rising debts. Those who are unable to keep up with loan repayments and interest will suffer from the additional fees and implications that come with the terms dictated by creditors. While bankruptcy can be very beneficial in certain circumstances, it will not automatically fix all of your problems.

How can I handle financial stress?

There are many reasons why people deal with stress on a daily basis. We experience stress because our brains are wired to alert us to potential future threats. While this may have been useful when humans needed to be prepared to run away from tigers or face life-threatening challenges daily, stress in the modern world can simply be an uncomfortable feeling that only hinders our way of living.

Will bankruptcy change my life for the better?

Many people worry that filing for bankruptcy will set them on a course of financial hardship and low credit scores. They may worry that they will never again be able to enjoy the quality of life that they have grown accustomed to. However, in many situations, quite the opposite can be true. Bankruptcy has the sole intention of helping a private individual or business to clear their debts so that they can live a life free of financial hardships.

Signs that it's time to file for bankruptcy

It can sometimes be difficult to admit to yourself that you are struggling with debt. There is a certain stigma that surrounds debtors, and many view filing for bankruptcy as an admission of failure. However, bankruptcy can be a powerful tool that, in addition to determination and grit, can help people to turn their lives around.

What are the advantages of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Those facing significant financial problems are often confused about the best path to take in order to tackle their debts. There are many businesses in existence that promise to help debtors to pay their creditors; however, they often charge extortionate fees and not all are trustworthy.

Which common beliefs about bankruptcy are not true?

You already know that not everything you hear about any particular subject is true. As people discuss issues that affect their lives, they may embellish the truth, or they may simply have a poor understanding of the topic at hand. Bankruptcy is one subject around which a lot of myth has accumulated over the years. Unfortunately, many of these myths lead those struggling with debt here in Michigan to make poor financial decisions.

Differences exist between bankruptcy chapters

If there ever comes a point in which you realize that you are drowning in debt, you have to figure out what you are going to do about it. You have a few options here. You can ignore the fact that you owe money and continue on with your life, but this might come with suffocating collection attempts by the creditors. You can struggle to make the minimum payments and seemingly never make it out of the deep hole of debt. You can file for bankruptcy and walk away at the end with a fresh financial start.

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