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Breach of contract disputes

When two individuals or companies in Michigan enter into a contract, each party is legally obligated to fulfill the promises that were laid out in the agreement. A party who does not perform could be found to have breached the contract. This can occur when a party does not fulfill its end of the deal at all or fails to perform on time or in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Handling breach of contract in Michigan

After a sales contract is signed and money or other consideration changes hands, that contract becomes a binding legal document. Failure to live up to the terms of the contract could constitute a breach. A material breach of a contract occurs when the main promise of the contract is not delivered. When a material breach occurs, it may be possible for the buyer to take the seller to court to seek relief.

Statutes of limitations affect dispute claims

Like all states, Michigan has strict rules regarding when a lawsuit for a breach of contract claim must be filed. If this time frame passes without a formal complaint being filed, the petitioning party may forever be barred from bringing the claim.

Dish Network loses 7 channels after contract dispute

Michigan television viewers who subscribe to Dish Network may have noticed some missing television channels on Oct. 20. A contract dispute between Dish Network and Turner Broadcasting resulted in Dish customers losing seven channels from the Dish lineup including CNN, Cartoon Network, Headline News, truTV and Turner Classic Movies. There are currently about 14 million subscribers to Dish Network.

Battle between Amazon and Hachette heats up

In March, Hachette Book Group's contract expired with the $122 billion retailer, Amazon. Amazon's position was that it wanted to extend the contract but on different terms. Included in those terms was one that required the $10 billion publisher to price its e-books lower. Amazon's aim is to have most e-books, popular with readers in Michigan and around the country, priced at $9.99. Hachette did not agree, so it simply failed to respond to the contract's proposed negotiation and extension.

Financial industry companies settle lawsuit for $61 million

Michigan businesses may be interested in a story concerning a dispute between two companies in the investment industry, one that helps investors and another that creates software for those investors to use. The two businesses have now settled their dispute after years of litigation.

Detroit construction company sues former Chrysler partner

Detroit-based Walbridge Construction is seeking $118.5 million in compensation for work on a halted construction project in Indiana. The company was contracted by Getrag Transmission, a German manufacturing company, to build an 800,000-square-foot factory, but when Getrag and its former partner Chrysler went bankrupt, the project went south.

Southfield-based Barton Malow gets contract with Consumers Energy

Michigan state law requires energy companies to derive 10 percent of their energy from renewable resources. That goal has to be met by 2015, and public utility giant Consumers Energy, which provides electricity and natural gas to more than half of Michigan's residents, has now contracted with Barton Malow Company to meet that goal.

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