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Sharing an inheritance makes it marital property

The general rule with an inheritance is that it is not marital property, but separate property. Say your parents leave you $100,000 when they pass away. Later that year, your spouse files for divorce. Most of the time, the court looks at that $100,000 as separate property that belongs only to you, so you do not have to split it with your spouse.

How to divorce privately

Going through a divorce is a very personal process that is ideally kept between you and your divorcing spouse. While you will want to talk to close friends and family about the issues you are facing, you will not want the intimate details regarding your divorce to become public information.

Uncovering assets hiding in your spouse's employment

Many spouses who are going through a divorce are reluctant to trust their ex. This may be because their divorcing spouse has already breached their trust, or it may be because the hostility present in the relationship gives them a reason to believe that all trust has been lost.

Understanding the pros and cons of joint legal custody

If you and your co-parent have joint physical and joint legal custody of your child, it means that you share both time with them and in making big decisions regarding their upbringing. This can have many positive benefits for the child, because it means that both of their parents are able to play an active role in their life. However, it can also mean that certain challenges arise out of conflicting opinions regarding how to raise your child.

How should I approach child custody issues?

Dividing up the family unit is undoubtedly one of the toughest aspects of divorce. No parent wants to have to tell their child that they will no longer live with both parents. The process of explaining divorce to your child will vary according to the child's age. Similarly, the way that you approach child custody should be in accordance with the child's age, too.

Keys to courteous, effective communication with your co-parent

Regular communication between co-parents is essential to their kids' well-being. That's particularly true when you share custody. It doesn't have to be face-to-face communication. In fact, if the two of you still have difficulty interacting, it may be best to keep the communication written. However, it's important that it be timely, accurate and complete.

What factors determine how much you owe in support?

If your divorce settlement is going to involve paying spousal and/or child support to your soon-to-be ex, it's generally best when the two of you can reach an agreement on the amount, with the help of your attorneys. Sometimes, however, couples can't agree on a fair amount of support and have to ask a judge to settle the matter.

Fighting for child custody when you have bipolar disorder

Significant advances have been made in the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder in recent years. The stigma once associated with it has been minimized thanks to a number of famous people who have been open about their struggles with the condition. Ads for medication to treat bipolar disorder regularly pop up on TV now.

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