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Top Rank sues in business litigation lawsuit

Every industry has its own set of rules and regulations. These laws will vary from sector to sector in order to promote fair competition while also encouraging innovation in Michigan. This is what makes a free market work for everybody. However, if a company is not careful in ensuring compliance with these regulations it can find itself in the middle of a business litigation lawsuit.

Business litigation case involves 2 restaurants

One restaurant group in a state neighboring Michigan recently claimed to be a victim of trademark infringement. The claim revolves around another eatery's alleged use of its trademark name for one of its menu items -- a burger. The restaurant group in this business litigation case has thus filed a lawsuit against the other restaurant.

Not addressing warranty issues may lead to business litigation

A successful business owner, whether in Michigan or elsewhere, knows that he or she needs to stand behind his or her products and services in order to build a strong reputation and to grow his or her customer base. Many may choose to do this by offering and honoring both written and implied warranties. However, warranty claims that are not addressed to a customer's satisfaction may result in a business litigation claim.

Michigan business litigation: protecting consumer privacy

Businesses in Michigan and elsewhere, whether big or small, are targets for hackers. Why? The answer is simple really; hackers who access company data can gain entry into accounts and files that contain the personal information of multiple consumers, all at once. Should this happen, consumers may choose to file legal claims in an effort to recoup any damages sustained as a result. Business litigation of this kind can certainly be difficult, but that does not mean a company owner should not consider all available options before deciding how to proceed.

Michigan business litigation: dealing with partnership disputes

Whether taking on a partner or starting out with a partner, disputes among business co-owners is often inevitable. Extensive planning can help business owners in Michigan avoid some issues, but, unfortunately, there are some things that cannot be foreseen. If partnership disputes arise and attempts to resolve issues fail, sometimes seeking the assistance of a business litigation attorney may become necessary.

Michigan business litigation: Nonpayment claims

While there are many positives to owning a business, there are negatives as well. Having to take a customer to court for nonpayment, for example, is one of the downsides. The need for business litigation services is common for company owners in Michigan and across the country, and sometimes utilizing these legal services is simply the easiest way to resolve a dispute with a client.

AgFeed files suit against Hormel Foods over business practices

A complaint has been filed in a Delaware U.S. Bankruptcy Court alleging that Hormel Foods Corp. failed to disclose issues that would eventually lead AgFeed Industries Inc. into bankruptcy. The suit states that Hormel Foods knew about serious issues with M2P2 LLC's operations that it failed to disclose before AgFeed Industries purchased the company's operations. Due to the far-reaching consequences of such a suit, some Michigan business owners may wish to play close attention to this case's outcome.

An examination of deceptive trade practices

Michigan business owners may have heard the term "deceptive trade practices" and wondered what the term means or how it could apply to them. A deceptive trade practice is any activity that is designed to mislead the public about a product or service. Deceptive trade practice laws apply both to individuals and businesses. Either the injured party or the attorney general may bring a lawsuit to stop unfair or deceptive trade practices. In some cases, a company that engages in unfair or deceptive practices could be criminally prosecuted, facing jail and fines.

Financial industry companies settle lawsuit for $61 million

Michigan businesses may be interested in a story concerning a dispute between two companies in the investment industry, one that helps investors and another that creates software for those investors to use. The two businesses have now settled their dispute after years of litigation.

Judge dismisses lawsuit against HP after second try

Michigan businesses may be interested in the story of one technology company's victory in court over a shareholder dispute. The shareholders' case was dismissed, even after the judge allowed them a second attempt at the lawsuit.

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